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Reliability, Comfort and Best Price!

As you know the majority of developers in the Net deliver their products "as is", and leave their customers with a headache how to install, setup the script, and eliminate possible bugs. At best a free installation is offered. Sincerely taking care of You, our dear customer, we'll provide you not only with an installation, but with a complete and individual setup of our script up to your requirements! So, the main difference from other products is that you buy NOT a script, but your finished partnership project - with a design, fully adjusted, tested and operational product!

What reliability means to us? That is when a customer gets for his money what he was promised, and when he doesn't pluck at hair crying "Oh shit!", and when he doesn't need to write on webmaster boards what a big mistake he made.

 Main Features:
Revshare/Per signup
aWIZ allow your program to count resellers' income by percentage of sales (parthership) or by fixed rates(per sign up), or even provide both methods at once and give to resellers opportunity to choose what they prefers!
Advanced real-time stats
aWIZ tracks all incoming traffic, all sales, affiliates' sales, referred sales. Advanced stats shows raw/unique clicks, 2-nd page clicks, referred URL's, stats by hours or by any specified period, by paysites and etc.
FHG links management
aWIZ will help your resellers to select proper galleries for their needs: sorted by niches, paysites, type of content, and will give out the results as a convenient list of links with descriptions and personal reseller's ID.
Built-in FHG counter
Insert one line into the galleries' code - and your resellers will see the statistic of incoming traffic, and you will get the common traffic stats on your free hosted galleries and free hosted sites!
Referral percentage program
One more popular and useful function - your resellers can draw new webmasters to take part in the program, and aWIZ will count and add to their profit pre-set percent of new referrals' income.
Banners management and efficacy comparison
Just add your banners into admin-area - and aWIZ will give them to resellers with correct personal ID and with correct counter's ID. aWIZ will care to avoid any accidental mistakes.

More Features
System Requirements 

aWIZ AM 100% compatible with Unix, Linux, Windows and Sun OS platforms. You just should have installed the following: MySQL, PHP.


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