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Reliability, Comfort and Best Price!
As you know the majority of developers in the Net deliver their products "as is", and leave their customers with a headache how to install, setup the script, and eliminate possible bugs. At best a free installation is offered. Sincerely taking care of You, our dear customer, we'll provide you not only with an installation, but with a complete and individual setup of our script up to your requirements! So, the main difference from other products is that you buy NOT a script, but your finished partnership project - with a design, fully adjusted, tested and operational product!
What reliability means to us? That is when a customer gets for his money what he was promised, and when he doesn't pluck at hair crying "Oh shit!", and when he doesn't need to write on webmaster boards what a big mistake he made. We are riding high until the boards are full of such messages, as for years the aWIZ products reliably work and bring our customers peace of mind and material benefit. As the reliability, that once was taken as the fundamental principle, always remains the main task for us.

It would be rather unethical towards other developers to give here particular examples, and to show often huge difference between our product and the products existing in the market. But we believe that you take a decision resting upon a market research, and, accordingly, cannot but be aware of prices. So you cannot but see the obvious advantage of aWIZ, as the reasonable and affordable price is one of our business principles.

Join the huge family of happy aWIZ customers and enjoy the really quality and reliable products for your successful business!

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